Why Disney Zootopia should pay royalty to this Asian Girl?

The latest Disney Animation “Zootopia” has become a big hit not just in America, but also the rest of the world including some of the biggest Asia market such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Recently, a video emerged featuring “Flash”, a cute character who is known to be the fastest sloth alive…except she happens to be a human, a Taiwanese girl to be precise.

Check it out!

Zootopia Girl Source: FACEBOOK/高隽雅Clover

Seriously, the character looks exactly like her…so after giving some hard thoughts, we believe it is only fair that she gets paid royalty fees by Disney for cloning her image with a 98% matching rate.

Isn’t this how they do things in the corporate world?

Just kidding…but obviously this Asian girl has put in some serious efforts in trying to imitate this “Flash” character and you must applaud her as you will see in this video.

By the way, if you still haven’t seen this animation…it is funny as hell so make sure you head to the cinemas before it disappears from the big screen.

Damn…she is so cute!

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