Customer gave $1000 tip after eating only $10? High school waitress left stunned and emotional!

An American waitress who works in a Texas Italian restaurant received the most heartwarming gift from a customer whom she never knew in person. This customer apparently only ate $10 worth of food, but left a whopping $1000 tip specifically for her. It was the largest tip she ever received since working there.

The lucky waitress is Alesha Palmer, an 18 year old student from Kemp high school, who couldn’t contain her emotions after receiving this large tip. According to her brief interview with KLTV, she first thought the customer went to the owner to complain about her service, but in the end, it turned out to be something else…something totally unexpected.

1000 tip bill Source: Facebook / Vetoni’s Italian Restaurant

Apparently, this generous patron overheard her conversation with another couple next to his table. The couple was asking Alesha about her college plans, which she responded and said that she works as a waitress to save up for her college funds, while also getting some help from her parents.

After this male customer finished, he went to the owner to pay his bill. He then told the owner that he wanted to help Alesha and contribute towards her studies, hence decided to give her this $1000 tip. When the owner showed Alesha the receipt, she was stunned and literally bursted into tears right in the middle of the restaurant.

This is no doubt one of the most heart warming act of kindness you will ever see while having a meal. The owner of this restaurant, the Vetoni’s Italian Restaurant in Gun Barrel City, Texas, was also excited about the wonderful gift his staff received that he posted numerous photos and videos on their facebook page. Who can really blame him, I mean…after all, this type of kindness is not something you see everyday.

Truly wonderful 🙂

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