Teenage climber fell 9 meters because he didn’t have enough sleep?

In order to challenge themselves, many rock climbers will attempt to climb tall buildings in the city to prove that they’ve got it. Building climbing is no doubt a highly dangerous activity, or sport, if they even call it that, but these adrenaline junkies just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Recently, a “teenage climber” from Canada couldn’t resist the temptation and attempted to climb a 17 storey hotel. He mentioned that on the day, he didn’t have enough sleep and when he was about to reach the top, he fell down 9 meters instead and landed on his back.

Luckily, he was able to get up with “not so severe” injuries, but that scary moment will no doubt haunt him for many days to come.

The whole ordeal was captured on film by the very gutsy spider teen himself, who’s name is Joseph by the way, along with his friend, Kalen. The building which the incident happened is the Fairmont Hotel and after some serious inspection, they decided to use the most dangerous route available and that is to climb up using the rubber cables that are dangling outside the building.

What a crazy guy!

I mean, why would you even do such a thing if you’ve been sleep deprived for 24 hours? Not to mention that you have low endurance level due to some kind of sickness? Seriously, come on dude!

According to the original video (which we did not embed here, because it was a little painful to watch), Joseph was breathing quite heavily when he almost reached the top, before he realized he had lost most of his strength. He tried to lean onto the ledge to recover some of his energy, but his effort was unsuccessful. Moments later, he fell down and landed on his backside. His friend mentioned that he had attempted to grab Joseph’s legs, which probably reduced the impact a bit and kept him alive.

Either way, I think this is a really stupid way to risk your own life like that. I mean, if you’re gonna do something so dangerous, you must have all safety gears and procedures in place! Otherwise, don’t even think about it!

So Joseph, if you’re seeing this, please do your family a favor and look after yourself.

Next time may not be so lucky…