How far will a mother go to get her children back from a father who abducted them? All the way to Lebanon with GUNMEN!

This is every parent’s nightmare, to be told that you are never going to see your children again. That’s exactly what happened to Sally Faulkner, an Australian loving mother with 2 beautiful children and this is her real story.

Last year, Sally Faulkner appeared on an Australian Television Network, Channel Nine with a heart wrenching story that shocked the nation. Her children were meant to go on a holiday to their father’s home country, Lebanon. Instead, Sally was left devastated when she found out that her children are not coming back to Australia, ever.

Her ex-husband Ali Elamine allegedly have kidnapped their children, Lahela, 5, and Noah, 2, and told Sally that he is not going to return the children back to her. They are staying in Lebanon with him. Fearing for their safety in the middle east, she started a petition in an effort to bring her kids back to her care.

Watch the Full Interview from the nine network.

She even begged the Australia Foreign Minister, Julia Bishop, doing everything that a mother will do, but unfortunately fell to deaf ears due to the law in Australia giving little power over parental abduction. Here’s a footage of her plea on facebook.

6 Months have passed…

Running out of options, this QLD mother decided to take matters into her own hands. She was reported today to have seek help from a notorious international child retrieval agency in an effort to get her children back. Several armed gunmen were spotted in a car snatching the 2 child from their grandmother in the busy street of Beirut. Unfortunately, the mother, the members of the agency and also the TV crew from 60 minutes who went over there to cover the story has all been detained by Lebanese Authorities.

How far did this mother go?

You can say that she has done a wrong thing, a stupid thing, but as a mother, who can really blame her for her actions, especially after all the efforts she has gone through crying and pleading for help from authorities as well as the public to no prevail. She took the last option and probably hired these gunmen for the operation. But who really knows the true story behind it, all we can do at this moment is wish this mother all the very best along with her children.

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