When A Car Crash In Slow Motion, This Is What Happens?

I never thought about it like that.

The New Zealand Government is well known for being on top of safety for it’s citizens and knowing that car crash contributes to most fatalities in almost any countries, they came up with a really meaningful advertisement. It shows exactly what happens when a car crashes at a high speed.

When a car crash happens

Bottle brakes in car crash

The apple is broken into pieces during car crash.

Photo Source: Youtube / The Ad Show

In a crash,
whatever your speed,
the car stops,
but everything inside keeps moving.

It’s the same inside your body,
even with the best protection,
you’re still vulnerable

Some things never stop.
That’s the problem.

The faster you go,
the bigger the mess.

Honestly, i never thought about a car crash like that and the way they portrait the scene in the video makes perfect sense. Everything inside the car keeps moving at the same speed so when we suddenly brake hard…or crash hard, all the things inside, including every drip of blood in your body is still travelling at the same momentum, until a force stops it.

That’s when it becomes messy

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