“Don’t you dare leave me behind.” Bulldog found the COOLEST way to alert owner!

“No, not today buddy, you are not leaving me behind in the car again.”

“Hey I’m serious, don’t you dare!”

“OKay…you asked for it.”

Haha…this must be what the bulldog was thinking the moment his owner shut the car door on him. Determined not to be left behind, he found the coolest and most effective way to alert his master.

Bulldog in car Source: Youtube / Ryan Burns

Recording Source: Youtube / Ryan Burns

Oh yeah, he wasn’t going to put up the white flag without a fight. In fact, his method was so effective that a nearby shop keeper had to rush out to see what was going on. But after what he saw, he couldn’t resist to take out his phone and record the whole ordeal because it was just so damn smart, but cute!

See it in real life action

What a smart little doggy! Luckily the owner was back to his SUV on time. Otherwise, who knows what other tricks this puppy has up his sleeves. (Imagine if he knows how to change gears…now that will be interesting hehe!)

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