Boy, 4 Years Old – But He Lives Inside A 80 Year Old Body

It’s almost like the real life of Benjamin Button, but worst…

When Bayezid Hossai was born in a maternity hospital in South Bangladesh, his mother said he had no flesh, just bones and skin making him almost unbearable to look at. He is believed to suffer from progeria, an incredibly rare genetic disorder and an incurable disease that will fast forward the age on his body by many many years.

At just 4 years old, Bayezid is already living in an 80 year old body and it is estimated that he will only live until 13 years of age…if he’s lucky. The heartbroken mother who’s only 18 herself is devastated at her son’s rare condition. At such a young age (mentally), he has to suffer many different symptoms including swollen face, saggy skin, hollow eyes, joint pains and other elderly health related problems such as difficulty in urinating, weak and even broken teeth.

Almost everyone in the village is scared of him. No children wants to play with him even though he has above average intelligence. His family tried everything they could, seen every doctor they could possibly see, but nothing has been able to help treat, or at least contain his ageing progress.

Really sad story and I absolutely feel for him and his family.

And for those who haven’t seen the movie “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”, it is about a man with a similar genetic disorder, except in his case…the ageing process reverses. Starring Brad Pitt, he looked like an 80 year old man when he was just 7, but surprisingly the older he grew, the younger he becomes.

Here’s a trailer from IMDB:

I sincerely hope that Bayezid Hossai will somehow find a way to reverse his ageing, just like Benjamin Button and for those who always complain about their skin, their hair, their eyes, their butts or whatever. You have no idea how many others who would die to be in your healthy body.

So try to be grateful for what you have and learn to appreciate what your parents have given you.

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