How this boy escaped after his head stuck in railing will amaze you!

His dad tried everything, but it was the boy’s idea that worked.
Father tried to help son escape after his head stuck in fence railing.

Source: Facebook / Karachi Maza Network

Childrens love to play with railings because they see it as a fun climbing frame or equipment similar to the ones in a park playground. Some even likes to go through the gaps…just like this boy here. The only problem was, his head got stuck and he couldn’t get out.

When the dad realized his son got caught between the railings, he attempted to retrieve him without hurting the little boy. First, the father tried to expand the railings by pulling with his arms and pushing with his legs, using every inch of his muscles in the hope that it will help release his child.

Unfortunately, his efforts were to no avail. The boy was in obvious distress, even the dogs were blaming themselves for not able to help him out. Just when the dad was about to give up and call for help. The boy pulled off the most amazing escape without losing an inch of his hair.

Check it out!

What an amazing technique and look how happy the boy is after he finally got out.

Now for the adults out there who thinks they can pull off the same stunt, please don’t even think about it because a kid’s head and body ratio is totally different to a fully grown sized adult. Yes, their body width tends to be smaller than the diameter of their skull.

So…adults, please don’t try this at home.

As for the woman or mother who filmed the video, while it seem like a funny moment and the boy wasn’t in any direct danger. It may be wise to NOT let the child be in that situation in the first place.

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