Be careful what you wish for, OR a dragon might appear!

Every country has it’s own customs and different traditions when it comes to praying for a wish to be granted. In Taiwan, there’s this tradition called a Water Lanterns Wishing ceremony. What happens is, a group of people will bring their own floating lantern to the riverside. They will each write their wish onto these chinese lantern lamps and will then light it up before releasing it into the river.

The Taiwanese believes that this will bring them peace, good luck, health and that their wishes will be granted. But then who will actually be granting them these wishes? Well…you’re about to find out!

Dragon appear 1 Source: Weibo

Dragon appear in sky 2 Source: Weibo

Who would have thought that this would summon a dragon?

As you can, this is exactly what happened during one of this festival event and a user from Weibo was able to captured this monstrous figure appearing right above the sky, almost like the one from the popular japanese animation cartoon, Dragon Ball Z!

Panoramic view Source: Weibo

Truly amazing photos and you can almost see the dragon’s scales on it’s body too (by the way, do they have scales?). Okay, obviously a more scientific explanation will be that we are simply experiencing a phenomenon known as the pareidolia, where our brain is simply showing us an image we are familiar with. But then, who can really say for sure? Maybe a dragon really have appeared, in a way not to frighten us, so that it can easily monitor these lanterns and grant everyone’s wishes.

So be careful what you wish for…

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