How This Baby Survived Escalator Stroller Flip Is A Miracle!

A perfect example of a careless parent x10

The incident happened inside a shopping mall when a mother dressed in white top pushed a stroller (with a baby) onto an escalator. They were travelling to the lower floor and just when the woman thought she had the stroller stabled, she lost grip of the handle. I guess we all know what happens next…

That’s right, the stroller was sent flying and flipping down the escalator. The baby was instantly thrown out of the stroller after the very first flip. The woman can be seen rushing down to the stairwells and by then the baby was getting closer to the edge of the escalator.

Out of nowhere, a good man dressed in blue reacted quickly and pressed the emergency stop button. The mother quickly picked up and comforted the baby. Luckily, it seems like the baby is fine. But consider this a very real lesson for many parents out there who also likes to take shortcuts travelling between levels inside a shopping center. Seriously, I see this all the time and it’s only a matter of time before something like this happens.

See it for yourself.

WARNING: While the baby seem ok, the following footage may still disturb some viewers.

A very harsh lesson indeed and we are fairly certain this woman is not gonna push another stroller onto an escalator anytime soon. In fact, we hope she’ll start taking the lift from now on…for the child’s sake.

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