His wife cooked him breakfast, he didn’t think too much of it until the first bite. Then he realized, it’s April Fool’s Day!

The internet is full of creative and inspiring ideas, but this has got to top the list. His wife made him breakfast as unusual, he didn’t think too much of it until he took that very first bite, then he realized it’s April Fool’s Day! Check it out…

Did you notice anything unusual with this breakfast? Well, it does look like a simple yet nutritious egg and baked potato chips. But if you look closer you may spot a few rather “different” ingredients and they are:

1) Peach (Egg Yolk)
2) Yogurt (Egg White)
3) Apple (Potato Chips)

Absolutely brilliant and healthy idea! The lucky man is John Turney, a strength and conditioning coach for a professional baseball team in Japan, the Yomiuri Giants. He couldn’t help but praise his wife’s sense of humour and creativity, so he posted the photo on his Twitter account.

Even all his followers loved this idea…especially as a prank on April Fool’s Day!

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