This girl (almost) got eaten ALIVE by a bear while snowboarding!

Kelly Murphy is a big fan of snow and she had a rather “close” encounter with a dark color bear while snowboarding in one of the popular snowy mountain Hakuba, situated just outside the city of Nagano in Japan. The thing is…she didn’t even realize it until she went through her videos…

Standing high above the mountain, Kelly is about the enjoy one of the smoothest (also the most dangerous) ride in her life. After getting her snowboard strapped and secured, wearing her big headphones, she was ready to glide down the beautiful snow, while humming and singing one of Rihanna’s big hit, “Work”. Not sooner after, a large bear can be seen chasing right behind her. This was no doubt a scary sight, especially if you are Kelly who is currently reviewing your own footage.

Here’s what she saw…

Many people who saw this video claimed that it is a fake and something that can be done through CGI editing. Several other sources online have also questioned the authenticity of this footage, but none seems to be able to bring out sufficient proof or evidence to debunk it.

Most of the reasoning is that big brown bears are not meant to be located in the area of Hakuba. The only bears even seen in that area are the smaller black bears. Brown bears are located in other areas of Japan and are said to be facing extinction, so chances of seeing one is extremely rare.

Then, there’s another group of people who believed the footage is real and genuine. I’ve got to say that I’m sort of leaning towards this group and if it was indeed a fake production, then it’s truly an amazing job with that special CGI effect. I mean…this is big technology we are talking here, so whoever faked this video, hurry up and get in touch with Hollywood…they definitely need more technicians like you.

So what about you?

Do you think it’s real or fake?

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