After visiting an audiologist, this deaf girl can hear for the very first time, but she certainly did NOT expect this!

Being deaf is not something anyone can easily endure nor accept (Can you imagine a world without sound?), but being able to hear is definitely a gift we all take for granted. Just think about it, we are so spoiled with choices in today’s technological society that we can’t even make up our minds when choosing a song to download from the itune store, for like a buck or two?

Then, there’s the sound of nature…

Anyway, a recent video shows a deaf female patient paying a visit to her audiologist after having a successful cochlear implant surgery. The moment she heard her own voice for the very first time, it was enough to bring her to tears. But then what happened next was even more heart warming…

Andrea Diaz is the main character is this video and her boyfriend Kevin Peakman was simply being there for her. The emotions started overwhelming Andrea the moment her doc turned on the cochlear and for the very first time, she was able to hear the most beautiful sound, her own voice!

Then there was her loving mother telling her in these exact words, “I Love You Baby!”.

After some volume adjustment, her audiologist seemed to have found the right balance and at this very moment, a man who has been sitting down on the side quietly finally decided it was time to strike.

First he asked Andrea: “Hey…can you hear me?”

Andrea’s response: “Yeah, it sounds funny…” (Haha!)

Then he goes on to say that he wanted the following to be the first sounds that she hears (Too late buddy, the mum and the audiologist beat you to it, remember?) and then he knelt down while reaching for the proposal ring in his pocket and said…

Because I love you so much and you are my best friend baby…I wanted to…

Well, we couldn’t exactly make out what he was mumbling about before asking the question “Merry Me?” (He looked and sounded so nervous and we don’t blame him…reality TV at it’s best!), but you got the point and being able to hear every single word that Kevin said, she immediately said yes.

Okay, so there it is and we sincerely wish you 2 love birds all the very best!

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