4×4 Truck Driver Tried To Bully Alligator But Didn’t Expect This!

When you disturb a wild creature, what did you expect?

Imagine when you’re driving on a 4WD track and suddenly come face to face with an alligator or a crocodile, whichever you fancy. What would you do? Will you leave it alone and continue your way?

Or will you bully it, just like this gentleman right here?

The man in the video can be seen driving a 4×4 truck when his vehicle and an alligator crossed path. Instead of driving away or around it, he decided to push further and bully his way into the alligator’s territory. So like most wild animals do when they feel threatened, especially inside their own turf, the alligator fought back…HARD!

Check out what happened to him and his truck.

That’s right, our crazy friend here wasn’t going to back down. No way and when this guy proceeded further, the creature literally torn off it’s bumper with relative ease.

Was that a little too easy or what?

Seriously dude, it’s like your truck is made out of cardboard or something.

When a truck and an alligator crossed path.

On second thought, we should never underestimate the biting power of a croc or a gator. They are really dangerous creatures so never go near them even if you are inside a car. As you can see from this example here, they can cause more damage than you think.

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