4 teenage girls were just having fun in a car pool karaoke, but I didn’t see this coming!

Who doesn’t like to have a bit of singing while driving in a vehicle, especially if your favorite song happens to be playing on the radio. Lately, there has been many similar car pooling karaoke videos posted online and not just from big name celebrities such as J Lo, Adele or Sia, but also ordinary people who are just recording and posting like crazy. It’s literally becoming the “thing” to do…

The other day, i saw another video about these four teenage girls who were having that “Car Pool Karaoke” moment when their favorite song “Worth It” from Fifth Harmony suddenly came up. Like what girls do, they started dancing, clapping and jamming their way to a climax. Didn’t think too much of the video, I decided to turn it off and just when I was about to, something rather “different” happened.

Well, I certainly didn’t see this coming!

Source: YouTube / SummerBreak

Perhaps it was a text message, or just an email, or simply a notification about a post on facebook (or worst a game?). Regardless, this sudden beep from the cell phone was enough to distract the young female driver from “looking” on the road.

Thankfully, as you can see towards the end of the video, it was fake…but the message was strong and clear! No post, glance, text, email, search is worth your life!

Did you get it? We certainly hope so…

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