They found these 2 puffer fish under water and what they saw really touched their heart!

Most people believe that fishes are simply senseless animals swimming in the ocean or rivers with no purpose whatsoever, not to mention emotionless.

Sure, they may not have nerve fibres dense enough for them to feel pain, but this is still a debatable subject, so we’re not going to get involve here. What we can argue though is that they definitely are not emotionless creatures, and probably have feelings just like people.

Recently, a snorkeler found two puffer fish under the water of Thailand and witness first hand the loyalty one has shown to another. Unsure of the reason, one of the pufferfish was apparently tangled and trapped in some kind of fish net. Surprisingly, it’s companion did not leave, but instead, swam around circling the trapped friend as if they are waiting for someone to help them.

Immediately, this kind snorkeler went to assist them and using a broken sharp bottle, he started cutting up the net strings one by one in an attempt to free these two buddies (or lovers). Throughout the process, the other puffer fish never once thought about leaving it’s companion behind, not even in front of it’s most feared “HUMAN BEING”. It just stood it’s ground providing comfort and care for it’s trapped friend.

You got to see it to believe it.

Source: Youtube / Core Sea

Now tell us again if you think that fishes are emotionless animals with no feelings. Well, it certainly didn’t look that way to us. Seriously, what would you do if a similar scenario happened to one of your friend or even your partner. Are you going to just leave scene or are you going to stand by, providing care and comfort until help arrives?

Yeah we thought so too.

Regardless, we are extremely happy that these two puffers are finally freed and back swimming in their open waters. This gentleman has done a wonderful thing to give us “HUMANS” a better name and well done also to the person who captured this amazing video footage. It really opened our eyes…

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