110 Year Old Giant 7kg Lobster Rescued From Diner’s Mouth

Waiter, I would like that lobster please…

A South Florida restaurant owner Joe Melluso saw a 7kg lobster on the market, so he bought it back to his restaurant as ingredients for his customers. The massive seafood is 3 times the average lobster size and according to Joe’s calculation, he believed the lobster is approx. 110 years old.

Since it’s arrival into Joe’s Fish Tin Seafood Restaurant located in Sunrise, a customer immediately noticed the reserved the giant lobster and booked in a table to have a big feed with family. Luckily for the lobster (it’s name is now Larry by the way), members of the Costa Rica based iRescue team came in to save the old fella. Afterall, this is not the typical size you see everyday so words travelled rather quickly among the animal activists.

Just look at the size of that thing…Amazing!

The iRescue wildlife team pitched together $300 worth of donations and persuaded the man to sell them Larry. Due to the group’s eye opening campaign and dedication, Joe decided to donate Larry to the group instead and since then, Larry has been placed in the care of the Maine State Aquarium where it will spent the rest of it’s life or set free back into the ocean.

Whatever the case might be, this is a wonderful event of fortune for Larry and we are so happy that he was saved from the diner’s mouth and garlic butter.

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