These 10 photos will make you feel proud to be human again!

It’s always nice to know that in this cruel realistic world, there are still many people who are willing to put out their loving hands when they see others in need. I mean, you don’t see it all the time, not around you anyway, but it’s just nice to know…

So I was bored the other day and went browsing on the Imgur website, I was amazed, no…actually quite happy to see that people are willing to put up heartwarming images showing others how awesome we can all be if we are willing to participate. Thinking that I can do the same, I went ahead and chose 10 of the best photos that I personally had feelings with and shared them here.

Surprisingly, after doing so, it made me feel proud to be human again!

Check them out

(The fifth one stunned me!)

1. Don’t judge

Don't Judge Source: Imgur / apathist

Still feeling racist anyone? Yeah he does look like a Muslim or Arabic….or someone from the Middle East, but so what!! It doesn’t matter where you come from or what your ethnic background is, there’s good and bad in every race. So please don’t judge a book by it’s cover, every book is different even if it was written by the same author, so make sure you read it first.

2. FREE surfboards

Free surf boards Source: Imgur / apathist

Anyone want free surf boards? Hmmm…I wonder how many boards this guy can find each day on that beach. Seriously, if there’s enough, he can consider opening a shop to sell them for a good profit. $0 inventory, why not! But then, some people in this world just won’t take things that don’t belong to them. Very nice to know…and don’t we need more of them in this world…..Yes, loan sharks!

3. Here, take mine…

Take Mine Source: Imgur / qoDeV

At first, I thought what the hell is this man doing taking the poor lady’s thongs. But then I digged deeper and it seem to be the other way around. This gentleman here actually gave up his own comfort (his hotel is probably just across the street btw), his sandals to this poor lady, but what’s most appealing in this image is that he actually bent down and turned those thongs over so that she can just fit right into them. You see…little gestures proves a big difference! We can always do just that “little bit” extra!

4. Soldiers also care about lives…any life!

Soldiers Care Source: Imgur / snooperking

War is no doubt the cruelest of them all and it doesn’t matter which nation you’re fighting for. When you joined an army, you’re taught to do one thing and one thing only, that is…to obey all superior orders, even if it means to kill. This doesn’t mean that soldiers don’t care about lives. That’s just the way it is for them and as you can see from the above picture, which was taken back in 1945 during the battle of Okinawa, several soldiers were seen caring for a tiny baby goat and that…is a life too.

5. Together, we become strong!

Together as one Source: Imgur / louisbancroft

This animated gif image deserves the most recognition and proves to us how powerful it is when we can do something together as one. A man appears to be trapped in between the edge of the platform and the train cart door. So this other guy with sunglasses gathers everyone together to push this train aside in an effort to free this man. Absolutely stunning action!

6. Wasting food

Hungry Arm Source: Imgur / houseofcardsaff

The next time you feel like throwing that burger away, think about how many people in this world who are living without adequate food and water. Sure, it’s not like you can feed them with your hamburger anyway, but if can’t finish it, then why waste money to buy such a big meal in the first place. Use that money instead to help these people. Even $5 means a lot to them!

7. Random act of kindness

Kind Note Source: Reddit / Whiskkas

The beauty of life is that you never know what you may encounter next, whether good or bad. Just like this guy who overheard an unfortunate conversation at a restaurant, where a mother and a daughter sitting next to him were talking and crying about a diagnose. So what does he do? He tried to make them feel better by secretly paying their bill. Sure, it won’t make the cancer go away, but at least it will make them feel better for a moment.

8. You just never know

Give it back Source: Imgur / Capinron

This image was taken from a CCTV footage showing a good samaritan picking up something on the floor and then returning it to the lady in front of him. Now i can’t exactly make out what she actually dropped. It could be a wallet, a mobile phone, her house keys or perhaps just something completely useless. That’s not the point here because “what if” she really needed it and “what if” hers or her family’s life was depended on that item. You see, you just never know what a wonderful thing you may have done.

9. Giving happiness

Priceless Face Source: Imgur / apathist

When we give happiness to other people, we tend to feel happy ourselves for some strange reason. This is just how we are created as human beings. Take this professional rugby player for example. For those who don’t know him, his name is Brian O’Driscoll and he went to visit a little girl in the hospital with this massive bledisloe trophy cup. The happiness on this little girl’s face….absolutely priceless!

10. Saving a life

Okay this is the final one, but it is actually a collection of images telling a story, how these two guys saved a goat from being pulled out to the tough waters, where it will most likely drown.

Saving a life Source: Imgur / JustKroepos

Truly captivating moments!

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